Who We Are

Adjoa Awinador

Vision Bearer

Angelina L. Armah

Vice President

J. Assamoah - Broni

Vice President

L.N. Ama Essuman


Lucy Nana Aman Essuman

President t

We are a group of praying and proactive Christian women burdened to positively impact our respective Nations with the aim of birthing a United African State. Equipped with our different talents, aspirations and professions, we seek to reverse the trend of an age, characterized by poverty, hunger, war, disease, bad leadership, illiteracy, under development, immorality, etc. We realise that there are many unresolved issues on God’s desk concerning Africa; and we, as Watchwomen on the walls of Africa, believe He is commissioning us individually and collectively to partner with Him in making our Continent the place He destined it to be. Unfortunately, many privileged African Christian Women are sitting unconcerned.

  • Who then should break the shackles of the miseries overwhelming the land of our Birth?
  • Where are the praying and active women who make things happen?
  • Where are the wombs that are ready to birth a New Africa?

We invite all African women wherever you may be, to tune the ears of their hearts and hear the desperate voice in the howling winds of Africa crying:

  • Where are the women who will stand in the gap to prepare the ground for the next generation?
  • Where are the mothers who will hold on to the horns of the Altar of Grace and Mercy crying for their Nations: Oh God, give me Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Libya, the whole of Africa or I perish?
  • Oh where are the selfless women who will trustingly drop their personal needs at the Foot of the Cross, and mount onto God’s decision table to bargain for perishing souls and freedom of our Nations?

We invite our sisters to look around and tell us, if we can sit unconcerned while the next generation is being ravaged by the wicked hands of migration, illiteracy, drugs, hunger, disease, immorality, etc.

Come join hands with us. The Blood Flowing down Calvary’s Cross has not lost its power to turn the captivity of Africa around. Jesus is still the Saviour of Africa! Shalom!