We provide mentorship programmes for African Youth and children to help equip them with leadership skills.


We run educational and development counselling programmes for battered women irrespective of their religious persuasions.

Aged Friendly

We have collaborated with other organisations interested in assisting disadvantaged senior citizens in our country.

Vision Bearer's Message

Welcome! Akwaaba! Maraba! Karibu!  Siyakwamukela! Bienvenu! to our Site!!!
Yes, welcome to all African Women whose Spiritual Wombs are contracting to birth the New Africa. I honour you.
I welcome all African Men whose weeping and trembling hearts are leading them to mentor and father our fatherless generation. I thank you
A very Welcome to our Sons and Daughters within and without Africa determined to reverse the “trend” at all cost! I salute you!
You are welcome, Grey Hairs of Africa, you who have vowed to leave a memorable legacy for posterity! I reverence you
And a very special Welcome to All Well-Meaning non-Africans, working to be part of our success story. I am eternally grateful!
 May our diverse prayers and selfless efforts transform Africa into that Gem and Blessing that it is destined to be to the rest of the World
Welcome aboard and God bless us all.

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